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        If you have programs like AVG, Norton, McAfee or others, you may not know if your security programs are functioning properly.  You can see the notification that tells you it's working, but besides that, you are completely in the dark. If it is not working, no one is going to call you. It's left entirely up to you to know what you are doing. You consider yourself computer illiterate, so for you, it is pretty much a guessing game.

        Well now, you no longer have to self-manage your own security and maintenance. Our EXTREMELY advanced support software is backed by live tech agents who monitor all our software installs to ensure you are always protected and working.  You don't have to know anything about computers to know that you are fully protected and maintained properly!   We do all the work for you in the background. PLUS, support is just a click away when you need it.  Learn more below.


        • Holistic Approach                                                                                                                                                                YourTechie's Computer Security Essential Software provides ongoing repair, virus removal, tune ups, windows updates, all your other software updates, driver updates, critical issue reporting and monitoring and live remote in or over the phone help by professional US based Technicians in order to enhance your business or home operations. YourTechie adopts a holistic approach to computer security and maintenance, resulting in superior support. Where other companies don't care if their software is working or not, we monitor ours to ensure you are always protected.  If something is critically wrong, we will call you, they will not! Think about it... when was the last time companies like Norton, McAfee or AVG called anyone to tell them their security software was disabled by a virus?  The answer is NEVER!!
        • Proactive Solutions
          When you decide to install our software to manage your computers at home or at the office, you are reducing your overall long term costs and downtime. YourTechie implements live monitoring of all your critical security and hardware systems. If your hard drive is failing, your firewall gets disable or an infection is found on your computer, we get an alert and take action on our end to evaluate the level of action required to avoid more issues. We provide all the security software and patch management required to keep your computers running smoothly.
        • Predictable Annual Costs
          Our essentials security and maintenance software is setup as an yearly flat fee which includes all the software and remote in support to manage your computers.  You will not need to have any additional costs unless an onsite visit is required due to network or hardware failure, at which time our customers only pay 50% of our regular onsite fees.
        • Reduce Risk
          If you are a small business or working from home you carry a specific amount of risk. Competition, government regulations, markets, technologies, and financial conditions all change very quickly. YourTechie can anticipate and handle much of this risk for you, with specific industry knowledge, particularly security and compliance issues. YourTechie will work with your small business to minimize your risk in your industry or market.
        • Level the Playing Field
          Big corporations generally have in-house support services along with a team of full-time IT professionals. Small businesses and residential customers cannot afford that luxury all by themselves. One of the advantages of installing our software from YourTechie is that our software enables you to gaining the insight and expertise that larger companies have. With YourTechie's security and maintenance software, you get all the advantages that all these large corporations normally get but on an affordable level.  Tens of thousands of dollars for a fraction of the cost!
        • Reduce Costs
          The key benefit of having our software is its potential to reduce your overall costs. One of the costs that small businesses and residential customers always fail to realize is that ongoing security and maintenance software help reduce the occurrence of expensive computer disasters later on down the road.
        • Compliance and Security
          When you install security software from YourTechie who is very familiar with PCI compliance standards, you actually decrease the risks related to client data, credit card numbers or any other sensitive information. YourTechie adopts security strategies to keep your firewall always updated. Or if you are a residential customer, feel more secure using online banking and shopping!
        • Vendor Management
          YourTechie deals with the hardware and software vendors, hence you need not deal with technical and complicated conversations. You just use your computers and our software automatically finds and installs all the proper 3rd party vendor hardware and software drivers and updates!
        • Stay Focused on Your Work
          You, your family and your small business have limited resources and time. Outsourcing can actually help you stay focused on whatever it is you are working on and not get disturbed by complicated IT decisions. You will have the peace of mind knowing that YourTechie is always monitoring your computers for issues and taking action, many time without you even needing to be notified. We will only call if we need to remote in to fix something on your end.
        • New Technology
          One main advantage of using YourTechie software is that we can help consult you on what your best options are when needing to upgrade your computers or other devices in your home or business.  Since technology changes so rapidly, you know you have someone who specializes in computer tech just a FREE phone call away to ask questions and get expert guidance on top of having the state of the art Security and maintenance software for all your computers!